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Michel François, eccentric, erudite and, a free spirit, identifies his disappointments and moments of elation with the metaphysical mayhem of Mankind…

‘you will find me between the burden of Life and, the mysterious halo of Death, in a state of having not existed’ …he claims.

Michel François sees his life ‘outside the cage’ of convention and, defiantly goes beyond whatever bounds are set in continuous search for his literary adventure.

The mind plays tricks on one’s sanity diverting the ability to rationalise. We are ourselves but a collection of experiences and, through literature, one can fantasize and ‘dream the dream’
Michel François

Francoise d’Eaubaune, writer and friend of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, expressed her admiration for Michel François’, his writing and individualism of style.

Michel Francois Writer and Poet

Michel François

Read Françoise d’Eaubaune’s thoughts about Michel François’ writing and style.

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His Writing

  • Compendium of literary Images
  • Pretence of Purpose
  • Collection of Essays

Forthcoming work:
Novel, a thriller set in 1960's France.

Michel François Poet

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