Michel François

Contemporary French Poet, bilingual French & English | Screenplay Writer | Novelist | Philosopher

Michel François, an intellectual product of the 60’s in Paris with its Existentialist Movement. The roots of his work stem from absurd imaginings, inspiration from the great philosophers and, a certain ‘desabusement’ with Mankind.

It is particularly enlightening when such an artist can add ‘new dimensions’ to one’ understanding of Time and its constraints by not only trying to ‘recreate’ time but going beyond what we know to other possibilities and, pursue a surreal journey into the unknown.

Together with the late David Burland, the David Burland Poetry Prize and Art Award Inviting writer and artists to participate and ‘seek their artistic adventure, was founded in 2007.

Michel François’ Literary Trail as a writer was undeterred following a first negative review in the ‘60’s. During his time in the USA, he studied the art of screen writing, creating a number of Screen Plays. Anna Burland Services in the UK now represent his various works and intellectual property. For more information about the services Anna Burland provides, please visit www.annaburland.com.

Michel François Portrait

Michel François

As an actor during his time in Hollywood, he starred in a number of TV productions as well as a role in ‘Scarface’. There are still many challenges ahead for Michel François.

To continue his energetic poetry recitals both with live audience with recording on his website, complete his Memoirs and maybe, to direct a first stage play or big screen production.

His first dual language Poetry Collection ‘Second Rain’ / ‘Seconde Pluie, a vital and refreshing approach colourfully illustrating the absurdity of thought through a diversity of themes’

Second Rain’ / ‘Seconde Pluie
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If the unsoundness of a mind can give me a minute of joy or, a special thrill in my guts, then I’ll take it anytime…. as long as it does not kill me !’

Si la faiblesse d’un esprit, une étincelle de folie peuvent m’offrir un moment de joie ou, une sensation aux tripes, c’est un cadeau du ciel….tant qu’il ne me tue pas !

Michel François
‘Second Rain’ / ‘Seconde Pluie

Michel François - Poète Français Contemporain, bilingue Français & Anglais |
Scénariste | Romancier | Philosophe

Forthcoming Poetry Collection
In our Veins' / 'Dans nos Veines’ – latest collection of his original French Poems with English Translation.will be available in hard back or e-published.

'In our Veins' / 'Dans nos Veines'
An eclectic collection of his original French Poems and reflections translated into English by himself and R Friedman.

The work will also be available on Compact Disc digital audio
ISBN 978-0-9556308-6-6

Michel François - In our veins audio CD

‘In our Veins' / 'Dans nos Veines' publication and Audio CD